Love Watches and Art? Meet Berd Vaye

Love Watches and Art? Meet Berd Vaye

New York, NY (September 19, 2017) – Berd Vaye™ is pleased to announce the introduction of its one-of-a-kind modern art sculptures to the luxury watch and jewelry retail industries. Carving out a unique experience for the watch collector, Berd Vaye creations showcase the remarkable intricacies of the watch movement with the highest quality vintage watch parts collected from antique clocks and vintage pocket watches and wristwatches from around the world.

With high-profile style and creative design, the clear, shatter resistant precious resin, known as Lucite®, elegantly displays the 50 to over 100 year old virtually all Swiss-made parts in one of the beautiful designs available from the Berd Vaye master collection. Watch enthusiasts can now enhance their collection and experience the tremendous human ingenuity involved in fine watchmaking through a Berd Vaye masterpiece.

Creators Edward and Albert founded Berd Vaye in 2014 from their desire to share their fascination and intrigue for the complexity of the watch movement. Both Edward and Albert have decades of experience in the fine watch and jewelry industry. As avid art collectors and horological connoisseurs, the designers are the perfect duo to demonstrate their passion and innovation in these categories.

Watch industry veteran, and now President of Berd Vaye, Steven Cohen, will leverage his genuine relationships with luxury retailers, and his expertise and knowledge in the watch category, to bring something unique and desirable to watch enthusiasts that will enrich their watch collection. Steve shared, “As I begin to talk about Berd Vaye with my colleagues in the industry, it is clear that there is a demand for something more than just another watch, or another brand, that watch collectors can buy to complement their valuable and sentimental watch collections.” Furthermore, Steve has been engaging with art galleries across the country who are signing on to carry these beautiful art collections in their galleries.

Rob Simon of Windsor Jewelers in North Carolina said, “At Windsor Jewelers, we are always looking for interesting quality items for our watch collectors to embellish their collections. A couple of years ago we started stocking some of the Berd Vaye Skulls embedded with watch movement parts that are artistically displayed. We are excited about the other models that have been introduced — the Spheres and Cubes. The newly added display boxes are fabulous, and moreover, the company has excellent customer service.”

Danny Govberg, CEO of Govberg Jewelers, said, “As an art collector and watch lover myself, when I was introduced to the Berd Vaye sculptures, I was excited to become the first authorized dealer of the Berd Vaye creations because, as a luxury watch retailer, I appreciate these fine art collections that bring the watch movement and art to life. The pieces bring new enthusiasm to watch collectors, and offer something unique that our distinguished customers seek.”

Berd Vaye Model Details

There are 4 models currently available in both small and large sizes, which include:

  • Lost in Time - The Skull
  • Time Squared – The Cube
  • Horosphere – The Sphere
  • Time Framed – Wall Art* (one size only)

Each model comes in a limited edition of 999 pieces with every piece having unique Swiss-made parts that are meticulously sorted and carefully polished, while the wall art, Time Framed, comes in a limited edition of 250 pieces.* The sculptures include a customized plaque made from precious metals stating the number of the piece. They also come with a Certificate of Authenticity and care instructions. All production is done in North America.

For anyone interested in placing an order for Berd Vaye sculptures, please call 833.BERDVAYE or visit

About Berd Vaye Founded in 2014, Berd Vaye is the unique creation of Edward K. and Albert A., two dynamic individuals with decades of experience in the fine watch and jewelry industry. Driven by their passion for art and the intricate movement of timepieces, Berd Vaye sculptures provide a luxurious way to preserve the watchmaking history and magnify the stunning Swiss-made vintage watch parts.


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