Berd Vaye

Modern Art with Vintage Parts

Founded in 2014, Berd Vaye is the unique creation of Edward K. and Albert A., two dynamic individuals with decades of experience in the fine watch and jewelry industry. Inspired to create art that showcases the complexity of fascinating watch movements from different eras and vast parts of the world, Edward and Albert created their own art to beautifully exhibit the watch movement. As avid art collectors and horological connoisseurs themselves, Edward and Albert experimented with various shapes, sizes, and materials that they could create in order to showcase their passion and innovation for watch parts and exquisite artistry, ultimately creating the Berd Vaye masterpiece collections.


Edward K.

Growing up in a family of artists, Edward’s obsession for the beauty of watchmaking began at 10 years old when opening and disassembling his father’s pocket watch. After moving to the United States in High School he began working around New York city’s Diamond District and began forming relationships with some of the most prominent watch dealers in the industry.

Email: edwardk@berdvaye.com

Albert A.
Albert grew up admiring his father’s watch collection and received his first watch (a Casio) as a special gift at the age of 13. At the age of 17, Albert started working for his cousin’s jewelry shop changing batteries on quartz watches. During this time, Edward and Albert sat next to each other in high school and formed a strong bond over their passion for watches. Edward introduced Albert to one of the only female pioneers in the industry who was looking for an apprentice. After learning about mechanical watches, Albert worked for another company in the Diamond District where he formed extensive knowledge about the Rolex market and grew his network within the secondary market.

Email: alberta@berdvaye.com

Steven Cohen, President, Berd Vaye

Watch industry veteran, Steven Cohen, brings his passion, expertise and knowledge in driving brand visibility, expanding market share, and managing relationships to Berd Vaye as the Company’s new President. Steven has worked with some of the most prestigious watch brands in the world, including Glashűtte Original, Raymond Weill, Blancpain, and Breguet, where he had a successful track record in significantly growing sales, increasing distribution, capturing market share, and most importantly, cultivating strong relationships.

As President of Berd Vaye, Steven looks forward to bringing these one-of-a-kind modern art sculptures to retailers that their watch collectors and enthusiasts have never seen before.

Email: stevenc@berdvaye.com